Dealership Solutions

Your business practices are the foundation of superior customer service. By fine-tuning your critical dealership processes and procedures, you not only build the trust & loyalty essential to long-term customer care – but you can stabilize and expand your personal revenue streams sooner. Northstar’s Dealership Solutions provides the bricks to help you build a rock solid foundation. Our core products include:

F&I Training

F&I Income is absolutely critical to a dealer’s financial performance. Northstar spent the last five years researching top performing dealerships that were implementing revolutionary and fresh tactics for diversified cash flow – which led us to the use of these successful approaches.

We customize training for our clients to ensure exposure to industry best practices and the opportunity to continuously improve in; income generated, speed of transaction and CSI.

F&I Training with Northstar pulls from a wide spectrum of expertise and includes:

  • Detailed analysis and benchmarking for your dealership, compared to top performers in the industry
  • Weekly, Bi-Monthly and Monthly In-Person trainings
  • Conducting Sales Meetings
  • Tangible goal-setting & coaching
  • Business plan development for efficient production & revenue
  • Communal partnership building across the whole dealership

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ACE Certification with GVO3 & Associates

ACE certification is essential for F&I professionals to ensure consistent education in a rapidly changing legal & regulatory environment. Northstar works directly with GVO3 & Associates – the leading company in F&I and Sales Compliance.

GVO3 & Associates constantly monitors the legal landscape, so you can focus on what matters: your customer. As an expert witness in many depositions, President Gil Van Over has developed trainings that stem from first-hand experience in the courtroom. Compliance Education for your dealers will cover:

  • Fair Lending
  • Industry Safeguards
  • Red Flags
  • Best Practices for Manager Policies and Procedures

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Wealth Building & Participation Structures

Northstar offers five main types of wealth-building plans to help your dealer maximize earning potential in every sale:

  • Retrospective
    • Maximizes income and cash flows without an annual fee
  • Dealer Owned Warranty Company
    • Maximizes tax deferral and allows multiple shareholders
  • Producer Owned Reinsurance Company (PORC) or CFC Controlled Foreign Corporation
    • One of the oldest and most reliable wealth building structure in the industry. Enables the dealer to earn a commission and retain 100% of the underwriting profit and investment income
  • Non-Controlled Foreign Corporation
    • Provides great potential in maximizing compound growth. Dealer owns stock in a reinsurance company with other participants.
  • Full Dealer Administration Companies
    • Dealers maintains control of 100% of the reserve dollars, all future liabilities, and underwriting profits

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